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In their initial visit to Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne, denture wearers often comment that their face seems smaller now than it did when they had their natural teeth. In many cases they are correct; there actually is a loss of vertical dimension. The distance between the tip of the nose and the tip of the chin is diminished.
The result of this decrease is looking older. Naturally, nearly all of these patients are bothered by their aged appearance. However, most believe it is merely the way things are when you wear dentures. The fact of the matter is this is an incorrect assumption.
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Dr. Harrell discusses the facial changes with proper dentures:

The change in your appearance isn’t simply caused by wearing dentures. The issue stems from wearing poorly designed dentures that don’t support the structure of the face the way the teeth did. Switching to a proper denture will eliminate the sagging and wrinkling in the jaws and around the mouth to instantly create a more youthful appearance.

For more than 17 years Dr. Robert Harrell has been one of the top dentists in Charlotte, NC. The quality of his work is praised by his patients and peers alike. He will be happy to craft you a well-fitting, well-designed denture that rivals your natural teeth and maintains your appearance.

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