Kim came to be unhappy with her smile early in life due to a childhood accident. She never felt like her teeth were “right” after that. After seeing Kim for a cosmetic dentistry consultation, she decided it was time to turn back the hands of time and rebuild her damaged smile. We placed 10 porcelain veneers to complete her smile makeover. What a transformation!

Kim’s Journey to a new Smile:

I was riding a roller coaster, probably about the age of seven and eight, and I hit my front tooth on the bar of the roller coaster, and it got chipped off. That is probably one of the worst things, especially for a female. So, all through my life I had that chip, and then I had braces. I was more hesitant to smile before I had the procedure, and because I had that one dark tooth, and I knew that it had been altered, um, you know, when I went through and had braces  just to kind of make it look right, but I knew myself inside it really wasn’t right, and I didn’t feel confident smiling.

Kim-before and after porcelain venners
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I came in, um, through my parents’ encouragement and had him take a look at what I have. Well, he looked at it and kind of said there was a number of different things he could do, and one of them of was veneers. They are complete professionals. He is a perfectionist. You know, everything he does, I think I was impressed from the very beginning just the professionalism of the staff.

He brings you in and just tells you in detail, you know, the number of choices that available to you; from day one just the procedure in terms of numbing my teeth. It was really painless what he did. I envisioned this thing that was going to have a lot of pain and after effects, but literally when I walked out of the office, I didn’t have any pain at all. So, you really have to be a perfectionist to do it right because if you aren’t, somebody can really mess up your mouth, and you don’t realize that until at the end.

After you are through the whole process you are like, “Wow! I am glad I went to a real professional who knew what he was doing.” Once I had the procedure, it just gave me a whole lot more confidence knowing that all these teeth were how they were supposed to be.

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