The use of lasers in the field of dentistry has grown substantially in the last decade. Most lasers are used for treatment, but they can also be extremely beneficial for prevention. For example, Laser Cavity Detection is a technique for identifying cavities long before they begin to cause pain or discomfort.

The specialized laser, like the type we use here at Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne, can identify soft spots in your teeth and take a measurement of the depth of these areas as they form. This information tells us how advanced the issue is and whether restorative dental treatments like tooth colored fillings are needed. If we decide to hold off, at each subsequent visit. We can take measurements of the trouble spots to determine when or if it is necessary to take action.

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Since we can identify the formation of your cavities in their earliest stages, we can give you specific instructions on ways to slow their advancement. This means that when the time comes, smaller fillings will be required to restore the tooth. This is important because preserving natural tooth material is our goal. When cavities are detected early, fillings can be up to 70 percent smaller.

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