Thanksgiving and Christmas are upon us and the holiday gatherings have begun. Both in person and in photos, your smile is constantly on display this time of year. If you feel that your smile has lost some of its gleam, you’ll be glad to know that Adult Dentistry Of Ballantyne has a teeth whitening treatment to make your smile merry and bright. The solution is ZOOM! Whitening, a simple and painless procedure that can lighten your teeth by up to seven shades from a single in-office treatment.

Our teeth can darken due to many reasons, including consuming certain foods and beverages, taking some medications, or as a result of trauma. With so many contributing factors, it’s easy to understand why teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures. Learn more about what makes our teeth become dull:

Thinking about teeth whitening? Get the facts first. Here are five of the most commonly asked questions about the process.

Why Did My Teeth Change Color?

Over time, your teeth can go from white to not-so-bright for a number of reasons:

  • Food and Drink
    Coffee, tea and red wine are some major staining culprits. What do they have in common? Intense color pigments called chromogens that attach to the white, outer part of your tooth (enamel).
  • Tobacco Use
    Two chemicals found in tobacco create stubborn stains: Tar and nicotine. Tar is naturally dark. Nicotine is colorless until it’s mixed with oxygen. Then, it turns into a yellowish, surface-staining substance.
  • Age
    Below the hard, white outer shell of your teeth (enamel) is a softer area called dentin. Over time, the outer enamel layer gets thinner with brushing and more of the yellowish dentin shows through. See Mouth Healthy for more details.



Teeth Whitening Before Dental Restorations

We specialize in every aspect of making your smile healthy and beautiful at Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne. Visit us regularly for your general dentistry check-ups. If there’s work that needs to be done to upgrade your smile, rest assured that Dr. Robert Harrell can take care of it.

If you require any type of restoration — such as an implant, a dental crown, or veneers — we can handle your teeth whitening ahead of time so you’ll have a dazzling smile that matches perfectly when your restoration is done. Read more about scheduling your teeth whitening around other dental work:

Should I whiten my teeth if I have fillings, crowns, and other restorations?


Tooth-colored fillings and resin composite materials used in dental restorations (crowns, veneers, bonding, bridges) do not whiten. Therefore, using a whitening agent on teeth that contain restorations will result in uneven whitening — in this case, making the teeth without restorations appear lighter than those with restorations. Any whitening procedure should be done prior to the placement of restorations.

People with numerous restorations that would result in uneven whitening may be better off considering bonding, veneers, or crowns rather than a tooth whitening system. Ask your dentist what strategy works best for you. Learn more, compliments of WebMD


Teeth Whitening During Your Lunch Break

We are happy to provide the teeth whitening option that best suits your needs. Visit to our office in Ballantyne for a simple one-hour appointment, or we can provide you with custom take-home trays that can be worn at your convenience. Learn more about both options below (note that we use laser bleaching for our in-office treatments).

In-office Bleaching

This type of bleaching is conducted in the dentist’s office and can be done in one or two visits. The in-office bleaching options are tray bleaching and bleaching through the use of lasers. In tray bleaching, an impression of the teeth is taken and individualized, custom-fit trays are made to fit your teeth. This process may take several office visits to get the level of whitening desired. The bleaching gel is applied in the tray and then onto the teeth. A custom-fit tray will help to decrease the bleaching gel’s contact with the gum tissue.

For laser bleaching, the dentist applies a rubber dam or a protective gel to cover the gum tissue. Then, a bleaching gel is applied to the teeth for a certain length of time. The ultraviolet laser light may be used to activate the whitening agent in the bleaching gel. Several appointments will be set up for this procedure. Laser-enhanced bleaching does provide significant results in whitening your smile, though they are more expensive than at-home bleaching. Whitening kits are also provided to continue whitening at home after their in-office procedure.

At-home Bleaching

Schedule an appointment to meet with the dentist who evaluates what type of at-home bleaching system would be best based upon the color/shade of the teeth. An impression of your teeth is taken to develop a custom-fit tray(s). You will then be taught how to use the whitening system. The whitening system is used once or twice daily for one to two weeks and tooth sensitivity is monitored. At-home bleaching is a longer process than in-office bleaching. Discover more, compliments of Colgate

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