Molly came to see us with serious concerns about the severe wear on her front teeth. She said that it had been years since she had smiled, and that she would actually cover her mouth when she would speak.

Mollys cosmetic dentist makeover
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We took a few digital photos and showed Molly with a digital smile preview what she would look like if she had a smile makeover. She knew it was what she wanted, so we started right away. We placed 10 all-ceramic crowns one her front teeth in just 2 appointments. Her photos tell the whole story. The old Molly is back and she looks better than ever!

Molly’s Smile Makeover Story!

I always smiled big, and then just starting this year I would start putting my hand to my mouth and really kind of not smiling. I’d keep my lip down on my front. Through lots of medical problems and things like that, and stress, I had ground my front teeth down considerably, so my smile was not what it used to be, so I wanted to get that back. There is definitely a difference between dentists.


Molly's Charlotte Smile Makeover
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I’ve always hated the dentist, and I feel very comfortable there. I feel at home there. So, yeah, from the get-go, meeting him, I knew that he was going to be the one to give me my smile back, yeah. It’s very emotional because you know, when you live with them for so long looking like that, and then you know, you get them back and It’s like, “Wow!” Like, I feel like they’re mine now, yeah. He was real good about looking at my before pictures and trying to keep it natural and keep it looking like me.

I’m just now starting really to get used to being able to smile again. So, it’s really been probably a good month that I’ve really just noticed myself really just smiling. I feel better about myself again. I feel like I did before, yeah.