Full-Mouth Reconstruction Dentistry

Full-Mouth Reconstruction Dentistry

Full-Mouth Reconstruction: You can have a new smile!

If your teeth and gums have suffered years of significant damage, full mouth dental reconstruction may be the solution for restoring your smile. When it comes to repairing every aspect of your oral health, Dr. Robert Harrell at Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne, Charlotte NC, makes use of the best technology available. It is important that your full mouth reconstruction be handled by a dentist with the knowledge and experience to give you the most thorough and effective treatment possible. Dr. Harrell has given countless patients new reasons to smile, whether it be with dental implants, cosmetic dentures, gum treatments, or one of many porcelain teeth replacement options. If you are ready to start smiling again, we are here to help.

Techniques Used in Dental Reconstruction

  • Crowns and Bridges. Crowns and bridges are two simple techniques that can make a tremendous difference in the health and appearance of your teeth. Crowns are used to restore the function and appearance of badly damaged teeth that are not ideal for tooth-colored fillings. Often made of porcelain, they are nearly identical to natural teeth and are incredibly strong. Unlike crowns, which are designed to repair teeth, bridges can be used to replace one or more missing teeth. Bridges consist of two crowns placed on teeth which are adjacent to a gap in the mouth. In between the crowns is a replacement tooth that is attached to each adjacent crown. Again, porcelain is often used in the fabrication of bridges, making them very lifelike and fully functional.
  • Porcelain Veneers. Veneers are the best solution for restoring a beautiful smile that has suffered aesthetic wear and tear. Although their greatest benefit is in aesthetics, they can also provide some protection to damaged teeth. Dr. Harrell has tremendous experience in all types of cosmetic dental treatments, including porcelain veneers. During your initial consultation, he will describe which types of veneers are best suited for your case and the benefits of each.
  • Dental Implants. Dental implants are one of the most powerful tools in dental reconstruction. Unlike bridges, dental implants are a full tooth replacement from root to crown. The device consists of a surgical-grade titanium post which is inserted into the jawbone. Once it fuses with the bone, a porcelain crown is placed on top of the post. What results is an incredibly strong replacement tooth with gorgeous aesthetics. Most patients cannot even differentiate between dental implants and their natural teeth.

If you are in need of comprehensive dental reconstruction, Dr. Harrell can offer multiple solutions. You may be anxious about your visit, either out of fear of your condition or anxiety regarding the treatments. Rest assured that the entire staff at Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne is committed to treating you with respect, professionalism, and the utmost care. Our goal is to make your life happier and healthier. And of course, we want you to leave our office smiling! Call (704) 541-9888 or contact Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne today to schedule a free, no-obligation smile consultation with Dr. Harrell. During your consultation, a complimentary digital smile preview (an $85 value) will be created to show how you will look when your treatment is complete.

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