Cynthia came to see us with a number of concerns about her smile. She had concerns about her bite being uncomfortable; she did not like the color, alignment or spacing of her teeth. Cynthia was unsure at first if she was ready for the amount of treatment it was going to take to rebuild her teeth and restore her smile.

new teeth spacing restored smileShe came in for multiple consults to discuss the treatment before she could finally wrap her head around it. Once she did, a full mouth reconstruction was in order, which included 28 porcelain veneers and CAD/CAM milled porcelain crowns.

Cynthia’s Story:

You know, I cracked my tooth in the third grade and for years and years I’ve struggled with those front teeth because when you speak, your front teeth are there. And it was a self-conscious feeling to have front teeth that didn’t match, and one cap was one color and one was the other. So I had to get Dr. Harrell to help me make a decision about what to do about it.  
cynthias smile before and afterDr. Harrell is amazing. He has a passion for what he does and you pick it up from him. So you feel very confident with him. I was totally impressed about the team he has. And even during the procedure they let you watch a movie, that’s awesome. The thing I found with Dr. Harrell is because he knows what he’s doing, and he really cares about it, that’s what he does with you. He cares about you. He cares about you in that chair. He cares about what you look like afterwards.  

Having your teeth changed is a huge, huge undertaking.  And afterwards, I felt like a different person. I don’t mind smiling. I don’t mind speaking. It’s helped me for the future too because as you age, your teeth age, and these teeth are with me for the long haul. So I’m really excited about that. I’m a lot more confident. My husband had bridge work from 18, and his teeth always looked nice and neat. Now his teeth do not, and he wants my teeth. I said well anytime you want them, Dr. Harrell is ready.