Failing Porcelain Veneers – A Smile Makeover

failed veneersThis patient came to see us concerned about the appearance of her 10+ year old porcelain veneers. She did not like the shape or color. Note the staining around the edges. This is a pretty realistic example of what cosmetic dentistry looked like in days gone by. Can’t wait to get this case treated and see how beautiful we can make her smile!


Failed veneers - temp veneersOK… so we got the case treated and got her in temporaries. She is already so much happier just having the temporaries on! Upper lip is just a little puffy still, but quite normal for a day after the procedure. Check back for the final result soon.






failed veneers - new finished lookCase is finished! She absolutely loves her new porcelain veneers! She says her family and friends can’t stop talking about how great she looks! Add in a new haircut and the transformation is complete. The satisfaction I get from seeing a smile makeover like this is hard to describe. I’m having so much fun practicing cosmetic dentistry here in Charlotte, NC.

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