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Dental Emergencies & Treatments

There’s never a good time to experience mouth pain associated with problems of the teeth and gums. But, there are certainly worse times — namely, when the dentist is booked solid and you can’t get an appointment. Our goal at Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne is to meet your dental health needs as well as we possibly can. A major part of that is making ourselves available when you need treatment, which is what we do.

woman with toothache pain in charlotte


Toothache pain can be unbearable, which means waiting for a dental appointment is not an option in many cases. Call us when you’re dealing with this unfortunate circumstance. We’ll get you looked at quickly and begin treatment to relieve your pain.

tooth extraction replacement dental implants


Sometimes the best way to deal with a diseased or damaged tooth that’s causing pain is to remove it and pursue replacement. For this reason, extractions are a component of our emergency dental services.

Tooth-colored Fillings in Charlotte


Lost fillings can cause you to experience pain from exposed nerves and more. We replace missing fillings with tooth-colored ceramic that ends the discomfort and looks totally natural. For many patients, this procedure is an aesthetics upgrade.

Emergency Root Canal in Charlotte


Removing the nerve and pulp from the root canal of the tooth is a fundamental method for treating pain in significantly damaged teeth. The interior of the tooth is cleaned and sealed during the procedure to avoid infections that can result in even greater discomfort.

Cracked Broken Teeth Treatment


Accidents happen, and sometimes your smile pays the price. The good news is there are ways to save damaged, cracked or broken teeth if treatment begins soon after the injury. Our emergency dentistry walk-in policy allows you to come straight to our office for restorative care.

dental implant emergency tooth replacement in Charlotte NC


Getting an implant is like replacing a missing tooth with another real tooth. It’s as durable, as strong and as lifelike as a natural tooth. Plus, it prevents jaw bone loss, something no other replacement option can offer. Implants can be used to replace one, multiple or all of your teeth.