Digital smile Preview cardHere’s another awesome smile makeover case that we are looking forward to treating! With every smile makeover case, we take a series of digital photographs and do a “digital smile preview” to show that patient a simulation of what they will look like with a new smile. With the patient’s approval of the preview, we move forward with a diagnostic waxup.





before treatment and with temporary veneersSo we are ready to take the next step and get this case started. We had the patient come back for the preparation appointment. At this appointment, we had her approved the diagnostic waxup, which is a simulation on the final result done on a model of her teeth. We did the prep work on her teeth which involved some light sanding and roughening of the enamel surface. We then took impressions of the teeth and placed temporary veneers. We had her come back a few days later to check size, shape, length and alignment of the temporaries.





Veneers on mold before installation







So the permanent porcelain veneers arrived from the laboratory. Take a look at the photos to see what the veneers look like prior to installation. The patient was thrilled with the result! We all think she looks awesome!