Bob had issues with his dentures until he received dental implants from Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne. Now he simply snaps in his dentures and they always feel secure.

Denture Stabilization with Dental Implants in Charlotte

I heard about Dr. Harrell through my wife. My teeth were having problems in front and I was thinking about implants. So when I came to him it was like a different world when you walked in. His whole staff was a hundred percent. It was great. They don’t treat you like dollar signs walking in the doors. You feel like your really wanted and welcomed in here. It was a great experience.

So I was coming in for four implants plus a partial. And the doctor made me a full lower plate, drilled the implants and snapped in so they’re in permanently. And I’ve had real good luck. I eat with them and they look naturally. Before I was doing this, hiding the wires, you know, on the partial. And now there’s no wires, nothing to hide. And, you know, I’ve got more confidence and, you know, I feel better about myself.

I would recommend Dr. Harrell. I have given out some of his cards and told people how pleased I was and as well as my wife. She’s talked real well too. So I think that he has 100 percent of my approval with him.