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General Dentistry

General Exams and Treatments For Your Smile

General dentistry consists of a series of diagnostic methods and procedures for treating the most common dental health issues. At Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne, general dentistry is the core of our patient care services. We use the most modern tools and techniques to make each procedure as effective and comfortable as possible. Advances in dentistry have made it easier than ever before for Dr. Robert Harrell to maintain the health of your smile, provide high-quality tooth restorations, treat gum disease and much more.

Visiting Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne will forever change the way you think about general dentistry treatments. So often our new patients will comment on how comfortable and high-tech our procedures are. Set an appointment and let us show you far dentistry has come.

Patient Experience

Real patients share their experiences.

More Video Testimonials

Patient Experience

Real patients share their experiences.

More Video Testimonials

Routine Teeth Cleaning

Having your teeth cleaned regularly is the first step to keeping the elements of your mouth healthy and vibrant. To ensure that you have an outstanding patient experience, the talented staff of hygienists at Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne blend skill with advanced tools like ultrasonic scalers to keep your smile free of plaque and tartar. Your entire mouth will feel fresh and clean after your appointment.

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Dentist performing Routine Teeth Cleaning : Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne

Advanced Tools and Services

Digital X-ray Technology

Over the past decade, the use of digital X-rays has become commonplace in the field of dentistry. This system of imaging is distinctly different from traditional X-rays, as it decreases exposure to radiation and uses state-of-the-art computer software to provide the most accurate picture of the mouth and its underlying components.

Dental Examinations

Dental exams are one of the most important aspects of general dentistry at Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne. Dr. Harrell’s comprehensive exam includes checking each tooth for damage, analyzing periodontal health, TMJ analysis, an oral cancer screening and a full complement of digital photographs and X-rays.

Periodontal Therapy

Gum disease is prevalent among many patients and requires immediate attention to prevent further deterioration of oral health. If your gums are red, swollen or bleed easily, Dr. Harrell can diagnose your periodontal issues and provide immediate treatment to correct any problems. Periodontal health is essential to the strength and functioning of your teeth.

Intraoral Digital Photography

Similar to digital X-rays, digital photography makes it easier than ever before to capture a highly detailed image of the mouth. With close-up photographs to highlight any issues, patients can get a better idea of the treatment Dr. Harrell is prescribing and understand exactly how it will contribute to their oral health.

Laser Cavity Scanning

Thanks to recent technological developments, it is now possible to identify cavities with a sophisticated laser that painlessly analyzes tooth material. If a cavity is detected in its early stages, patients can be treated with smaller fillings and the pain that presents itself once cavities are fully developed can be avoided.