Debbie has new porcelain veneers and says the results are tremendous. She feels more confident and loves to smile and adds that she would recommend Dr. Harrell to anyone.

Dental Veneers Charlotte NC

Well, I knew I had three root canals done on the bottom — three of my bottom teeth — and they were turning brown. And then I grind my teeth at night, so the top ones started chipping. So, I did come to Dr. Harrell with the intention of getting something, some cosmetic work done. But, I just came in for general teeth cleaningsfor about two years before I decided I would let him do it.

You know, just because I wanted to make sure it was someone that I was comfortable with and that was gonna do a good job. And I was very pleased. I am much more confident now with my smile. Before I had my veneers I was very reserved when it came to my smile. Because, you know, a smile just makes someone’s personality. Now I just smile all the time.

I would highly recommend Dr. Harrell. He is a perfectionist and when it comes to someone’s smile, that’s very important. And I think that he does an excellent job.