Dental Insurance:We can help

We are happy to help maximize your insurance benefits by completing your dental insurance claim form and filing it electronically with your insurance carrier.

Your insurance provider will then send your reimbursement check directly to you. This process, called “direct assignment of benefits,” reduces the likelihood of benefits being denied and allows claims to be processed more efficiently. Most patients receive their reimbursement checks within two weeks of treatment. Patients are responsible for paying in full for services the day treatment is provided. We do offer payment plans and financing from our financing partners.

We have experience with nearly every dental insurance company. We work with them daily to maximize the benefits for our patients. Here are just a few examples of the companies with which we can file on your behalf:

*NOTE: If your insurance company isn’t listed, it’s no problem. We can file practically any dental insurance company claim on your behalf!

Patient Care Advocates

Although our practice files all kinds of insurance, Dr. Harrell is not affiliated with any insurance company as a “preferred provider.” Since insurance companies dictate fees under this arrangement, “preferred providers” are often forced to cut corners and use cheaper materials and dental labs to make ends meet.

Our practice operates from the opposite perspective. We aim to offer the highest-quality treatment options to every patient while keeping fees reasonable to provide you with incredible value for your money. We also believe that you and your dentist should make decisions about your dental health, not your insurance company.

Please note that our practice is out of network for all insurance plans. However, we are fully committed to assisting you in any way we can to help maximize your reimbursement. Most patients don’t realize they can go to a dentist who is out of network and still maximize their reimbursement.