Olga is originally from the Soviet Union, where dentistry wasn’t very good. Her teeth were in poor shape as a result. Now living in the U.S., she eventually found her way to our office and, with the use of dental implants, both her smile and self-confidence were fully restored.

Dental Implants in Charlotte NC – Olga’s Story

I had a very miserable background, because I come from Russia. And dentistry back in the Soviet Union was very, very poor. That’s why I came to Dr. Harrell with very poor teeth. I had problems with my dentures and so I addressed the neighbors, asking who they might recommend. And the person recommended, the dentist recommended, was Dr. Harrell.

And now that he has worked with me, I feel very happy. It was just amazing — no pain at all. Changing from being a cripple who was not able to give a smile, avoiding smiling with an open mouth. Behaving like that, which socially really restricts you. Just feeling like a normal person, very relaxed, you know. That is really a drastic change in your life. I can eat anything now, you know, rather than picking out something softer.

Having gone through this experience myself and having gotten to know all this office, all this staff, all the people working here and Dr. Harrell himself, I would like to recommend it to anyone around to come here and to try it for yourself.