Jane received dental implants for denture stabilization. Now she has confidence in her dentures and can smile, speak and chew without worrying about them coming loose.

Dental Implants for Denture Stabilization – Charlotte NC

What I had done was upper teeth extracted and implants put in to attach an upper denture to the implants. And it’s a removable denture and it snaps onto the implants that I have. So it keeps them very secure.

I was really pleased with how the whole process went. And the end result I’m very pleased with. It makes a lot of difference. A lot more self-confidence and interacting with other people. Things are definitely more improved as far as the confidence of my smile and my appearance.

My own teeth had been cracked and very dark and they were very delicate. I couldn’t — even with my own teeth — I couldn’t bite into bagels. I couldn’t bite into a baguette. I couldn’t bite into an apple. And now I have the security and confidence to do all of that.

I have a long history of dental issues and have been through different dentists in different cities and states throughout the country. And there is no question in my mind that Dr. Harrell and all of his staff are the most professional and pleasant people to deal with. I would definitely recommend Dr. Harrell.