Susan received dental implants to stabilize her loose-fitting lower denture. She feels more confident in her smile now and says chewing is much easier.

Dental Implants for Denture Stabilization – Susan

My implant-supported dentures are the kind that you would just clip on and take off every day. They do have more permanent ones but these are more manageable for me. They work a lot better than using like the paste or the cream so I like the snap-in lower denture a lot better than I do the upper.

The implants made chewing a lot easier, especially on the lower jaw, so they’ve worked very well. I think the reason I chose Dr. Harrell was after reading about him online and meeting him in person.

He’s very caring. He didn’t make me feel self-conscious or, you know, talk about my poor dental history or anything like that. So, he was very eager. You could tell he was enthusiastic when he did his work. So that was very nice. He does wonderful work.