Dental Implants Advanced Technology, Charlotte NC

Madison loves her new smile from her dental implants. She says she was really impressed with the advanced technology that is used at Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne.

Dental Implants Advanced Technology, Charlotte NC

My experience with Dr. Harrell has been very good. I came looking for dental implants and they were able to fix me in a time frame that was short because I’m getting married in October. Dr. Harrell set up a plan for my implants because I was missing two lower molars from birth.

And he sat me down and we went through the whole surgical procedure online and did it right in front of me on a screen. It was very impressive with a 3D X-ray and everything. The technology here at Dr. Harrell’s office is cutting-edge and way more than I was expecting to find when I looked them up online.

So I am in the window of the healing process for the implants. In August I’m scheduled to come back and see Dr. Harrell and they will build my teeth. They measure the space out and then construct it to fit the space properly. I’m ecstatic to have a perfect set of teeth instead of just partial.

I would recommend Dr. Harrell to any of my friends, and I already have to a few that knew about my surgery and how well it went.

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