Michelle had received porcelain veneers and crowns over a stretch of years and, as a result, the shades didn’t match and her smile had started to look uneven. After getting new veneers at Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne she loves her beautiful smile now.

Dental Crowns & Veneers Charlotte Michelle’s Story

My kids were going to Laxer, Long and Savage — Dr. Long upstairs and we asked if he could recommend a dentist and that’s how we found Dr. Harrell. So, then my husband started coming, I started coming, and now my children are coming. And he’s awesome. I mean he’s just brilliant.

I just had my crowns done so it’s been fantastic. I had two veneers and six crowns. I’ve had crowns since I was a little girl. You know we’ve lived in four different states. So I’ve seen this dentist, one tooth breaks and I’d have this one done. So the color was never right. I had one replaced, the next one replaced and just recently, well, three months ago, I had one break here so I decided to go for it. Dr. Harrell said we’re never going to get the color completely right if you don’t have them all done.

I think the technology here, absolutely you know that you’re going to get the absolute cutting-edge stuff. My husband, you know, he had problems with his teeth and they look after him. He’s had no problems since he started coming here and it’s great. They are super friendly. They really make you feel at ease, because I was really nervous. I mean, I’m not a nervous person really but I think when I was sitting there they just made me feel so at ease.

And every time they explain to you what they’re going to do to you next. It was like, you know, okay now we’re going to do this, now we’re going to that. I think they make you feel at ease and they give you lots of options. That’s what I like, you know, that he wasn’t pushy. I came out smiling my head off. He gave me the mirror and I just started crying. It was really lovely. After all those years I had really nice teeth.