DaVinci Porcelain Veneers: Joyce looks 10 years younger!

New DiVinci Veneers in Charlotte NC

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Joyce in Charlotte, NC came to see us with concerns about her under bite and the damage it had caused her front teeth. Her case was challenging and involved wearing braces for nine months. Once her braces came off, we restored her teeth with 24 DaVinci porcelain veneers. We all think she looks 10 years younger!

Di Vinci Venners smile closeup

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“I was embarrassed by my smile for many years, but I never knew what could be done. I went for a consultation where they explained all of my options. They were able to work out a plan that was comfortable financially. Since I got my veneers, I look and feel so much more confident. My teeth are so beautiful that I just can’t stop smiling. I would like to thanks Dr. Harrell and his staff for all of their hard work and a job well done!”


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