Brian came to us with concerns about the color and alignment of his teeth. As a child, his teeth had become permanently stained from taking Tetracycline antibiotics. His teeth were also somewhat crooked and his bite was out of alignment.

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We placed a series of 14 all-porcelain crowns and Da Vinci porcelain veneers for Brain in just 2 appointments, which totally corrected the alignment, size, shape and color of his teeth. The whole process took just a few hours. We are very happy with the result, it is clear that Brian is as well!


Brian’s Story:

I had bad acne as a child and my mom had gotten me some tetracycline which helped clean up the acne, but it kind of left my teeth stained. And over the years, they were really yellow and no matter how much I tried to whiten them nothing really worked. And I got to a point where I was always looking the other way when I’d laugh because I was very self-conscious. So I looked up cosmetic dentistry and I found Dr. Harrell and sat down with him and he kind of told me what we can do.

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I feel ten times better. I wish I would have done it a long time ago, but I wasn’t at the place back then. I finally was at a position where I could do it. Money is not really an object. You can get loans and pay it off over like 4 or 5 years.  So if you’re wanting to do but you’re afraid moneywise, there are different ways to get it done. I waited probably like 20 years, through high-school. I was just like I wish I could do something, and I’m glad I did it.