Elvis was referred to us by another local dentist, and in need of a complete smile makeover. Elvis had issues with the spacing and color of his teeth, which he had never been able to resolve.

Smile makeover for Color and shapeAfter preparing a digital smile preview for Elvis, he knew that he found what he was looking for. His makeover included 24 DaVinci porcelain crowns, bridges and veneers.


Elvis’s Smile Makeover Story:

I do a lot of public speaking, and so many times you know, I kind of did not smile as much, you know, I didn’t have my mouth open as wide and so forth, so I was unhappy with my teeth, the smile of my teeth, and just I had some spaces and I wanted to do really an overhaul and get his advice as to what would be the best approach for that.

I told him what I wanted was something that would last for a very long time and something that was very durable, and they look good. They looked natural, and that was a big concern of mine. I wanted to make sure they looked natural. They didn’t look like something, you know, out of a cartoon character.

Janice, the person in the front desk, the front receptionist, was very good with the follow-up. She is just very personable, so it makes it much more comfortable for my wife and I. We both get to actually come here to his office, but it’s really nice as you could tell, they take a special care for their patients.

Davinci Veneers for Elvis's SmileWhen we’ve searched for a dentist, we were really looking for someone that other folks would go to, other professionals, other folks that are dentists that would actually go see him, and he was highly recommended, and we, myself and my wife were very happy to date, and we highly recommend his services. The procedures themselves are you know, it’s a little time consuming, but the fun part is the results are great at the end, so you know, I was pretty surprised two weeks later and having everything completed and all, and the nice thing is he follows up, so you have a direct contact with him whereas you know, I’ve been to other places. I’ve lived in different states where very much if you had a procedure done like that, you know, you get an answering service, but instead you get his personal cell phone number where if you have any question at nighttime.Those little things make a big difference.

I think it’s just, it’s pretty nice just to be able to walk around and just in public setting, or even if I am doing public speaking being able to smile and then those people that know you very well come right up to you, you know, they recognize immediately that they don’t exactly what it is, but they said “What is it that’s different?” and so I am pretty open I share with my friends and colleagues, you know, that “Yes, I had some work done,” and so everyone has come back and said, “It looks great.”