Carlton came to see us for a complimentary cosmetic consultation. He was concerned about the size and spacing of his teeth. In addition, he didn’t like how much his gums showed when he smiled.

Carlton-before-afterAfter previewing his new smile with a digital smile preview, he knew it was what he wanted. We performed a cosmetic gum lift procedure and placed six porcelain veneers. What a transformation!


Carlton’s Story:

Most of my family has gaps in their teeth, and I had very small teeth, almost like baby teeth on the top. So I was looking to have a better smile. I had veneers done. Everyone is fantastic.  They’re very personable, outgoing. He always keeps up with technology so you can watch DVDs to take the time away while he’s working on your mouth. So it’s a very comfortable atmosphere.

carlton-teeth-before-afterHe’ll accomplish exactly what he says he’s going to at the beginning. He’s not going to give you expectations that are beyond what’s possible. The process was really very straightforward. It was explained to me exactly what it was going to look like in the end and it looked exactly like that. I just got married in July of this year, a couple of months ago, and the pictures came out great. And I remember once after having the procedure done, airline stewardess and other people said wow, you have a beautiful smile, which I never got that before.