If merely thinking about your next dental check-up gives you anxiety, you’re not alone. Reports indicate that 30 percent of Americans experience dental phobia, fear brought on by the thought of seeing a dentist. Many people with this condition put off their dental appointments for weeks, months or even years. Going without professional care for so long can result in tooth decay, gum disease and even tooth lose. Dentist With Sedation can help you in this.

The Sedation Solution

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The silver lining in this situation is there’s a way for people to overcome their anxiety and fear. Sedation dentistry has been a godsend for thousands who once avoided visiting dentists at all costs. Let’s learn more:

Sedation dentistry uses medication to help people who are anxious and fearful about going to the dentist relax during dental procedures. It’s sometimes referred to as “sleep dentistry,” although that’s not entirely accurate. You’re usually awake. Sedation can be used for everything from invasive procedures to a simple tooth cleaning.

You may also need a local anesthetic — numbing medication at the site where the dentist is working — to relieve pain if the procedure causes any discomfort. Read more at WebMD…

Phew! Now you don’t have to worry about the pain. And you don’t have to sacrifice getting the perfect smile because you’re anxious.

Types of Sedation

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Now that you know what sedation dentistry is, we should examine how it’s applied. Here are the most common ways sedation is provided:

Laughing Gas
Nitrous oxide, more commonly known as laughing gas, is used to relax patients during dental procedures. You’ll be conscious while taking laughing gas, but because it’s a gas, it wears off very quickly once you stop breathing it in…. The effects are very mild, and you’ll start to feel the gas very quickly, sometimes as soon as 30 seconds after you start breathing it in…

Oral Sedation
Oral sedation, also called “conscious sedation,” involves you taking a prescribed dose of sedative before your procedure. Depending on your case, you may take one pill the night before, and one pill an hour before you have the procedure, or otherwise as directed by your dentist or doctor. This type of sedation leaves you awake for the procedure, but significantly relaxes you…

IV Sedation
IV sedation has a few variations: the first is what’s known as “twilight,” where you’re conscious, but not very aware of your surroundings. Twilight IV sedation makes you feel sleepy, and you may not remember any of the procedure once it’s over…

Each of these methods has pros and cons; your dentist will know which form of sedation is best for your particular treatment case and gladly make a recommendation.

Benefits of Sedation

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Sedation dentistry has more benefits than the obvious elimination of anxiety and fear. Find out some of them in the following post:

One of the major benefits of sedation dentistry is that people often feel like their dental procedure lasts only a few minutes, when in fact it might have taken hours to perform. Therefore, complex dental procedures such as smile makeovers or extensive rebuilding procedures that normally require multiple visits can often be performed in fewer appointments.

If you are reluctant to change the appearance of your smile because you are afraid or anxious about undergoing long or complicated dental procedures, sedation dentistry can make you feel comfortable during the treatment process and help you achieve a smile you can be proud of.

If your dental care has been suffering from fear-driven avoidance, sedation dentistry will help you keep up with your regular cleanings and check-ups.

At Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne, Dr. Robert Harrell will gladly provide dental sedation to ensure that you have a stress-free dental experience. Contact our office today and let us know that you’d like sedation for your next visit. We’ll be happy to handle your request. Schedule your appointment by phone at 704-541-9888 or use the contact form on our website.