Elaine had significant work done to restore her smile. She considered other dentists before selecting Dr. Robert L. Harrell of Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne based on the impressive consultation she had with him.

Comparing Charlotte Dentists – Elaine’s Story

I was really not happy with my own smile anymore. I was twenty years ago when I got all that work done, but it had started to fade and all of that. So having a new smile is wonderful. You know I just feel so much more confident. I love smiling. I loved everything from the start. Because I was doing such an extensive amount of work, I did go to two other dentists and I had consultations and all of that. But when I came here it’s like everything was different.

When you come in the door they know everybody by name. They greet you with a smile and they’re happy. Then you meet Dr. Harrell and he’s just wonderful. So calming and he helps you relax and he’s got this amazing personality. And they took time, they took time to show me exactly what they were gonna do. To tell me how much it would cost. To lay everything out for me. They put it all on paper. And I just knew right then when I left out of here that this is where I was going to get my dental work done. I had no doubt.

I tell everybody about it. Anybody who says “where did you go,” I immediately tell them. I’ve been posting pictures on Facebook. People have been talking about my smile and I always recommend Dr. Harrell. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone, absolutely.