Christina came to see us with concerns about the way her smile looked. She was unhappy with the inconsistent color of her teeth due to “Fluorosis,” a condition that occurs when children consume too much fluoride during their developmental years. She was also unhappy that her teeth showed excessive wear from grinding (clinically known as “bruxism”).

Cosmetic dental makeover wiht dental veneersShe wanted a more uniform color while maintaining a size and shape of tooth that was proportional to the rest of her beautiful face. We proposed a treatment plan with eight porcelain veneers — enough to totally change the look of Christina’s smile while still being conservative with her budget. She readily agreed to our plan.

This smile transformation took only three appointments spread over the course of a month. The initial visit was for teeth preparation and imaging. The provisional or temporary veneers were installed at the next appointment. A couple of weeks later, after her permanent veneers had been crafted by one of our expert technicians, Christina received her dream smile. With proper home care, twice-a-year check-ups and cleanings, and wearing her night guard as prescribed, Christina’s veneers should last up to 20 years.

We are so happy that we could help Christina achieve her amazing smile.