Halloween Tips for Scaring Up a Healthy Smile

Enjoying all of those tasty Halloween treats -- and the following holiday sweets as well -- will be much easier when your mouth is in optimum health. Exposed cavities and tender gums will not mix well with an onslaught of sugar and candy galore. It is vital to enjoy your treats in moderation and practice good oral hygiene to [...]

Did The Pool Damage Your Smile This Summer?

Summer fun in the pool is a way of life for many people. Avoiding scorching temperatures while getting a full body workout is typically a wonderful and refreshing thing. However, all of that laughing and splashing can wreak havoc on our precious smiles -- especially in pools that have high chlorine concentrations. Chlorine is damaging [...]

Understanding The Dental Dangers Associated With Teeth Grinding

It's never too late to assess your smile and determine if improvements can be made. For instance, misaligned teeth can easily be corrected during adulthood. Patients are increasingly opting for Invisalign clear aligners to give them the beautiful smile they've always wanted. In some cases, however, the roadblock to a brilliant smile isn't just cosmetic. [...]

Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne Looks at Aging and Your Smile

Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne is always happy to answer any questions or concerns. After all, resolving your smile dilemmas is our specialty. As we grow older, our bodies experience many changes. At the same time, our mouth, teeth and gums can undergo some drastic changes depending on our lifestyle, medications and other factors. Staying aware [...]

Popcorn Can Be A Smile Damager So Snack With Caution

Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne applauds healthy snack choices. Popcorn made without butter and hydrogenated oil and only lightly salted definitely falls into this category. It's by far the better choice compared to sugary, fatty snacks like candy bars and snack cakes. The concern with popcorn comes from its potential to damage your smile. Popcorn kernels, [...]

April Is Oral Cancer Awareness Month: Here’s What You Should Know

Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne wants you to feel secure about the health and well-being of your mouth. Help Dr. Robert Harrell and his dedicated and friendly team observe Oral Cancer Awareness Month by booking a comprehensive oral exam. Your dental checkup will include palpating the tongue and tissues for lumps or bumps and noting any [...]

Let’s Discuss the Benefits of Tongue Scraping

Did you know that the majority of your oral bacteria live and flourish on your tongue? Well, it's true and it explains why tongue scraping is a simple but important element of regular mouthcare. Scraping is easily accomplished with an inexpensive tool you can pick up from any drugstore. (If you don't want to [...]

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