Book Now To Maximize Your Dental Benefits For 2018

Wrapping up the year with a trip to the dentist may be extremely worthwhile if you want to maximize your full dental benefits. Many benefit packages expire at the end of the year. At Adult Dentistry Of Ballantyne, we want to help you achieve optimum oral health without reaching into your own pocket. If you're [...]

Avoid Summer Dental Emergencies With These Teeth Tips

Summer is the season of candid photos, family vacations and day trips to your favorite locales. Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne wants you to enjoy all the fun this time of year has to offer. Before heading out of town, however, be sure that you are up-to-date on your latest dental checkup and maintaining good oral [...]

Is The Health Of Your Smile At Risk From Bruxism?

Protecting your teeth from nighttime grinding is essential for maintaining a healthy, gleaming smile. Dr. Robert Harrell and his skilled team at Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne frequently find themselves delivering the news to a surprised patient that grinding (clinically known as bruxism) is an issue. Telltale indications that can be detected during regular checkups include [...]

Consider These Dental Travel Tips On Your Summer Vacation

Summer is a popular time to travel, entertain and eat delicious foods and beverages. Whether you're camping in the wild or jet-setting to a 5-star resort, you shouldn't take a break from your oral health. Before departing for your getaway, visit Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne to ensure that your mouth is in tip-top vacation shape. [...]

Healthy Summer Treats That Won’t Hurt Your Smile

This scorching time of year can be a real nightmare for your smile. While it is tempting to enjoy ice cream, popsicles and slushies all day long to combat the heat, it's bad for your dental health to be under a constant barrage of sugary items. Thankfully, there are plenty of healthy and refreshing alternatives [...]

Check Out These Refreshing Tips for Busting Bad Breath

Bad breath can be an extremely embarrassing problem, yet it is quite common. In many cases it is a byproduct of poor oral hygiene. People often think that brushing and rinsing with mouthwash is enough to combat the issue. However, skipping out on flossing actually leaves 1/3 of odor-causing bacteria in your mouth. In many [...]

What You Should Know About Dental Health and Aging

Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne believes in proactive dental care. It's why we always encourage our patients to get regular checkups for early detection of any issues. If you wait until you can tell there's a problem to set an appointment, there's a greater chance that significant damage has already been done to your teeth and gums. And [...]

Easy Endodontic Therapy aka Root Canal Treatment at ADOB

At some point you may experience tooth pain that doesn’t dissipate with traditional brushing, flossing and swishing. When this occurs, it is important to remain proactive and determine the source of your discomfort as soon as possible. Dr. Robert Harrell and his expert team at Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne inspect your teeth closely during regular checkups, but [...]

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