Laser Dentistry Solutions from Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne

If fear of the dentist is keeping you from receiving care, Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne wants you to sit back and relax. Dr. Robert Harrell and our highly qualified team can ensure that your visit is a cinch with sedation dentistry. Plus, our cutting-edge tools and techniques will increase treatment time and decrease discomfort. For [...]

How can Laser Cavity Detection improve my smile?

The use of lasers in the field of dentistry has grown substantially in the last few years. Most lasers are used for treatment, but they can also be extremely beneficial for prevention. For example, Laser Cavity Detection is a new technique for identifying cavities long before they begin to cause pain or discomfort. The specialized [...]

How can Digital Photography improve my smile?

The utilization of Dental Digital Photography helps us to provide the best dental care possible. It also allows our patients to see and better understand the problems affecting their teeth and the treatment plan we’re proposing to correct them. Using a specialized 12-megapixel camera, we can take photos of any part of the mouth with [...]

How can Digital X-rays improve my dental health?

Some of the most serious dental issues can’t be seen with the naked eye. For example, the underlying structures that support the teeth and gums are crucial for good oral health, but they are susceptible to a number of issues. Digital X-ray technology allows us to obtain the safest, most detailed images of your entire [...]

Dental advances for Charlotte denture wearers

There are millions of denture wearers in the U.S., and a significant number of them are not fully satisfied with the results. While dentures are probably the simplest, most affordable dental reconstruction treatment for replacing missing teeth, they can have their drawbacks. Some dentures don’t fully match the appearance of natural teeth, so they never [...]

Laser Dentistry Charlotte NC

The SiroLaser is an advanced laser technology that can perform soft tissue procedures that once required cutting and stitching but now is a painless procedure. The SiroLaser can treat periodontal disease without cutting and is a true advancement in dentistry. [youtube_video] cmTsrEoLfiI [/youtube_video] Dr. Harrell explains the benefits of SiroLaser dentistry The SiroLaser is an [...]

Laser cavity detection stops cavities before they start

At Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne in Charlotte, NC, laser cavity detection is used to find problems at the earliest possible stage. Dr. Robert Harrell uses a technologically advanced laser to identify and measure the depth of soft spots in his patients’ teeth. With this information he can determine how advanced the decay has become and [...]

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