This is Mandy, a wonderful soul who came to us a few months ago with no hope. She had already been to other dentists who told her she wasn’t a good candidate for dental implants. As a child, she received medications that did substantial damage to her teeth. She was in a great deal of pain and shared with us that she was truly embarrassed to go out in public due to the condition of her smile.

We were so moved by Mandy’s story. Dr. Harrell treats every patient as if they’re a member of his own family in need of help. He was determined to give Mandy the same care. Her case required us to get very creative with how we placed the implants. Given her small stature and bone structure, it didn’t leave us much room to work. But, in the end, we were able to find enough good bone to place five implants and completely restore her smile within a few short months.

This was possible for us and not the other dentists Mandy had seen because of the advanced technology we use. This includes proprietary 3D printed surgical guides and custom provisional teeth, both of which are created as part of our complex pre-surgical planning. Our cutting-edge technology and digital workflow allows us to execute challenging cases with confidence and precision.

We saw Mandy recently to place her permanent implant restoration and she told us that for the first time in her life she had volunteered in her daughter’s classroom without feeling embarrassed to talk to people.

Dr. Harrell said, “This is truly why I entered the profession of dentistry. I believe there is a divine agenda in life and nothing happens by chance. It is my ongoing mission to serve good people like Mandy who are desperate for a solution to their situations.”

Thank you Mandy for allowing our entire Harrell Dental Implant Center team to assist you. It was a privilege and an honor to help you smile again.