Grace came to see us with concerns about her missing teeth and feeling self-conscious about her smile. She had worn partials with minimal success. They were uncomfortable and she was basically “over it.” Plus, she was worried about what might happen if she lost one of her front teeth.

all on 4 dental implant case studyShe wanted to know if we could help her to once again smile with confidence and eat anything she wanted. We were happy to assure her that this is not a challenge in our practice. In fact, we had the perfect solution for her: A Guided Smile All-on-4 dental implant reconstruction.

If this treatment sounds advanced — it is. We utilize an extensive array of digital and 3D tools to plan and execute this type of case with precision. In one surgery of less than 2 hours, we remove the patient’s remaining natural teeth, set 4-6 dental implants and use them to secure a provisional (but fixed) hybrid bridge that replaces a full arch of teeth. After three months of healing, we complete a series of four appointments that culminates with the installation of the permanent All-on-4 appliance.

Grace is thrilled with her appearance and we could not be more delighted that we were able to participate in her life-changing smile makeover.