When is the last time you had a comprehensive oral exam with X-rays? For many people, the first suspicion that they may have dental issues is based on pain. This often also means that the problem has reached a critical stage because it wasn’t detected early. If it’s been a while since you’ve had a thorough dental exam, you should schedule a check-up at Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne, one of the top dental practices in Charlotte. Dr. Robert Harrell and his devoted team utilize the latest technology to create and maintain gorgeous smiles.

Who needs more frequent or regular X-rays?

  • Children and teenagers — Children and teens who have a history of many cavities may need X-rays every six months or every year, depending on age. So may those who have a high risk of decay for other reasons. X-rays also help to keep track of tooth development

  • Adults with many fillings, crowns, bridges or other restorations — X-rays help the dentist find decay beneath your fillings and crowns or in new places

  • People with periodontal (gum) disease — X-rays can reveal signs of bone loss. If this has happened, then you may need periodontal (gum) surgery

  • People with dry mouth, also called xerostomia —Saliva helps keep your mouth and teeth healthy by regulating the acid levels (pH) in the mouth. In a dry mouth, the pH decreases. This causes the minerals in the teeth to break down, resulting in more cavities. Many medicines can cause dry mouth. It also can be a result of cancer treatment or a long-term disease.

  • Smokers — Smoking increases the risk of bone loss around the teeth and periodontal disease.

  • Users of chewing tobacco — Chewing tobacco is sweetened with sugars and can lead to more cavities. See more from Colgate

Potential Health Concerns

Many don’t realize how intricately connected their mouth is with the rest of their bodies. For example, cardiovascular health, respiratory health and being pregnant directly correlate to how healthy your mouth is.

Brushing your teeth, flossing and visiting the dentist keep your teeth and gums healthy, but maintaining good oral hygiene is also important for your overall health, research suggests.

In some cases, oral problems can be a symptom of other diseases, such as diabetes. Research has also linked gum disease to heart disease, premature birth and even knee arthritis.

“The mouth is a portal into the rest of the body,” said Dr. Donald Ratcliffe, chairman of the department of dental medicine at Staten Island University Hospital in New York. Growing research shows “there’s a relationship between the bacteria — and the inflammation that bacteria cause in the mouth —  a lot of other diseases,” More details at Livescience

adult dentistry of ballantyne charlotte nc 28277 implants robert harrell best dentistDon’t live with pain because of fear

If your you are continually putting off your dental appointments due to anxiety and fear, we understand. This is a common issue, and one that we can address. Advise our office of your feelings and we will be able to relieve your concerns with sedation dentistry. Keeping our patients comfortable and relaxed throughout their procedures is a priority for us. We have a variety of sedation options available, from deep relaxation to full unconsciousness.

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