Josh says he always wanted pretty teeth but never had them. After doing some internet research, he found Dr. Harrell and decided to upgrade his smile. Now, Josh enjoys the many compliments he receives for his smile since getting porcelain dental veneers.

Dental Veneers Changed My Life – Josh’s Story

I’ve been seeing Dr. Harrell now for five or six months. I found Dr. Harrell by doing research on the internet. Dr. Harrell posted a video that was very professional and I thought that hey that’s the guy that I need to fix my teeth. I have always had a nice smile but never pretty teeth. I wanted pretty teeth along with a nice smile.
I had all of my upper teeth replaced with veneers. It was really quick and easy, started out with just a consultation. Within three months I had a new smile. It’s changed my life having new teeth. The compliments, you know, I’m always smiling. I love to smile.
I got prepped one day for my temporaries and then my permanents was just a one-day thing. The day that I had my teeth fixed I didn’t get to do a whole lot at work. The next day I was back up and going just like nothing ever happened. Recovery was very easy.
The staff at Dr. Harrell’s, they’re just awesome. Everyone from Janice up in the front to Dr. Harrell to all of his help, they’re awesome. I highly recommend Dr. Harrell.