Improve Your Smile – Charlotte NC

Jane had cosmetic dental work done to lengthen her teeth and make them whiter. Her smile is beautiful now and she loves the outcome. As a result, she has recommended Adult Dentistry to others, including her daughter.

Improve Your Smile – Charlotte NC

I remember one of the first questions I was asked by Dr. Harrell and Teresa, his dental technician, was what would I like to improve over my mouth and my teeth, and I said, “I wish I had whiter teeth. They used to be white.” And in talking with them, they said it’s really just not the color of your teeth probably; it’s that they’re shorter. We can color them, but are you gonna be happy with that?

And in looking at photos and talking with them, I jumped right in and we did some of the cosmetic changes and I just recently got new front teeth — a little bit longer, a little bit whiter, and I’m very pleased with the product. I would recommend Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne to anybody that was looking for a new dentist, or wanting to make a change or moving here. I even have recommended to my daughter, so that’s, I think, a pretty valid recommendation when you want your family to continue to come here.

This place is almost too good to believe. It starts with Miss Janice at the front desk, who’s so friendly and warm and remembers your name. You become somebody special when you walk in the door. And Dr. Harrell is soft-spoken. He wants to do what’s right for you, truly concerned about your dental health. And I just, you know, I think it’s a great place.

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