Ellen is probably one of the prettiest cases we have done in recent months. She has been a patient in our practice for many years, but after seeing a digital smile preview of what we could do with her smile, she decided it was time to fix things once and for all.

cosmetic dentist for ellens smile- ballantyne NCIt took a combination of 28 porcelain veneers and crowns to rebuild her smile. She topped it off with a new hairstyle and glasses to complete the extreme makeover. All of us at the practice believe she looks at least 15 years younger!

Ellen’s Extreme Smile Makeover

For years my teeth have been an issue with me, and by the time I was 20 I had had my first crown. So, you know, over the years you get more work done and things don’t match, the colors don’t match, and I always had crooked teeth anyway. You know, you don’t smile as much, you don’t smile as big, you know, you might put your hand in front of your mouth because they are not pretty, you know, when they’re, when they’re crooked and discolored.

28 crowns and veneers ballantyne charlotte for EllenI talked to Dr. Harrell about different possibilities and one of the ways we went was talked about having braces to straighten the teeth first, and then, you know, covering teeth that had issues, and that’s two and a half years of braces and all that pain, so I thought, “I just don’t want to do that,” and so when I told Dr. Harrell that he said, “Well, here is an option.” They send, they take your picture and they come back with a picture of how you would look before you even do it.

The whole experience was just wonderful. It’s a long procedure when you have all of your teeth done. So I was here at his office almost all day. You can have your choice. You have the earphones and you can listen to music relaxing, upbeat, just whatever you want. You can watch a movie while he is doing the work. You can sleep. I mean you can just do whatever you want, so laying there was, it was just for me, it was great. They were working hard. I was just laying there doing nothing.

It’s magic. If you look at the before and you look at the after, it’s like, that is not possible in four days. If it’s a budget issue, make plans it, and make your teeth really, if you want a pretty smile, and you’ve been wanting it for a long time, I don’t see any reason to wait. Immediately after it was like, “I got to smile. I am going to smile all the time. I have got great teeth. I am going to show them off,” and I really think it will look younger by a few years, and when you get to my age every, every year helps. I really feel great about myself, and how I look now.