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One of the key factors that separates Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne from other dental offices in the Charlotte region is our firm commitment to keeping up with the most advanced technology in our field and making it standard usage in our office. First-time patients always observe that they have never been to a dental practice as “high tech” as ours. We utilize the latest advancements to give our patients top-level care and the best clinical experience possible.

Our remarkable technology allows for exact implant placement, shorter procedure durations, less post-procedure pain and stunning aesthetic results. Let’s take a closer look at some of the main technology components that allow Harrell Dental Implant Center to offer unrivaled replacement for a single tooth, multiple or all teeth.

Sirona Cone Beam CT Scanner. Think of this as an X-ray machine on steroids. The Cone Beam scanner takes only a few seconds to (painlessly and harmlessly) scan the head, from which we receive virtually limitless views of the face, the teeth, and other details from any angle, in 3D and in color. Being able to clearly see the teeth, bones and even the nerves, allows for more complete treatment planning. The computer generated scan gives us the accurate and complete information we need to plan your treatment without any surprises along the way.

Dexis-Digital-Intraoral-X-rayDexis Digital Intraoral X-ray. The ability to see subtleties using digital radiography is crucial to diagnosis and treatment. Through a combination of advanced hardware and software technologies, our Dexis Digital X-ray delivers images that are extremely clear and highly detailed. The machine compensates for radiation variances, guarding against under and overexposure, so we get usable images from a wider range of exposure settings. This lessens the number of exposure-related dental X-ray retakes and reduces your overall radiation exposure.

Cerec-OmnicamCerec Omnicam. This camera is used for capturing full-color, 3D video of the oral cavity. As the camera moves over the teeth, a photorealistic image is displayed in full color with great clarity. The image allows us to differentiate among different materials: natural tooth, soft tissue, amalgam, gold, etc. The camera provides excellent image capture data for creating CAD/CAM tooth restorations. We find that it is also an excellent patient education tool. While we are capturing an impression, we can also point out other current or potential issues to patients that they can see in real time.

SIROLaserSIROLaser. Rather than using a scalpel for many dental procedures that require an incision — for example, tissue retraction for impressions or implant recovery — we use a hand-held laser that is far more precise, makes a cleaner incision and facilitates faster healing.

Sidexis-Implant-Planning-SoftwareSidexis Implant Planning Software. All of the data from the Sirona Cone Beam CT Scanner, digital X-ray and other sources is combined in our implant software. Prosthodontic planning that accounts for surgically relevant details such as soft tissue, nerves, root canals and the available bone structure is mapped in 3D and shown on-screen. This enables us to determine the precise positioning and alignment of the implant for a minimally invasive procedure and optimum success.

_Sicat-Digital-Implant-GuidesSicat Digital Implant Guides. The information that is gained from the Sidexis Implant Planning Software is rendered in physical form as an implant guide. An implant surgical guide is an overlay that resembles a plastic mouthguard. It has holes in it that mark exactly where the implants are supposed to go. The holes control the depth and the angle of the drill that is used to set the implants. The guide ensures accurate placement of every implant for every patient.

_Periotest-Implant-Testing-ToolPeriotest Implant Testing Tool. This technology is used for testing implant stability after placement. It is electromagnetically driven and electronically controlled. This is an advancement of the traditional “impact hammer” method for determining the stability of a natural tooth.

implant-Direct-and-HiossenHigh-Quality Dental Implants. We use the best dental implants to ensure the best results. Our implants are made in America by Implant Direct and Hiossen. They are fashioned from titanium, which is extremely strong and highly biocompatible so there is little chance of rejection. The success rate for implants is by far the best of any tooth replacement option at more than 98 percent.

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