Implant Bridges

Implant Bridges: More stable than a crown and bridge

Like all dental implant procedures, implant bridges are a tremendous improvement over traditional tooth replacement methods. Dr. Rob Harrell at Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne has extensive training in all types of implant dentistry, and an implant bridge is one of the most effective ways to provide replacement teeth.

Benefits of Implant Bridges

  • Implant bridges are a significant improvement over the old crown and bridge method of tooth replacement.
  • With an implant bridge there is no need to grind and cap the adjacent teeth, which might otherwise be completely healthy.
  • Implants are fused into the jawbone so the bridges they support are extremely durable and sturdy.
  • Because of their strength, implant bridges are ideal for replacing several missing teeth with only one device.
  • Porcelain teeth in an implant bridges are as strong as natural teeth and look indistinguishable.

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A traditional bridge, commonly referred to as a “crown and bridge” is designed to replace missing teeth when neighboring teeth are still present. An implant bridge is designed to do exactly the same, albeit with a slightly different approach that results in a much more effective finished product. The typical dental bridge requires at least one crown on a neighboring existing tooth. After the existing teeth are prepared for the crowns, the crowns are fabricated with an additional tooth in between that fits in the empty space. The crowns are then applied and cemented in place, providing a replacement for the empty gap.

An implant bridge offers numerous advantages over this procedure. First, there is no need for crowning existing teeth. Although the traditional variation permits retention of the natural tooth, much of its structure must be altered in order to facilitate the crown. What’s more, after many years, crowns may fail, leading to invasion of pathogens and harmful microorganisms.

Implant bridges are different in that they consist of two implants on either side of the gap as opposed to crowned natural teeth. The two posts are inserted in the appropriate places and, similarly to single dental implants, are given time to fuse with the bone. This makes for an extremely durable and sturdy platform to which the bridge will be attached. Once the posts are secure, crowns are created with the appropriate replacement teeth spanning between them.

Implant Bridge vs. Crown and Bridge

* Implant bridges are much more stable than a crown and bridge. Because there is no use of crowned teeth, there is much less risk of breaking the crown and dislodging the entire bridge.
* The strength of the posts makes it possible to span larger areas with an implant bridge. Traditional crown and bridge methods are most suitable for replacing only one tooth, with their strength decreasing with the length of the span. Implant bridges are ideal for replacing several missing teeth with only one device.
* The visible tooth structures of implant bridges are incredibly functional and aesthetic. Often made of porcelain, these bridges are every bit as capable as natural teeth and are nearly identical to the natural coloring of the rest of your teeth.

Implant dentistry makes it possible to replace missing teeth in a whole new way. If you are in search of a permanent, high-quality and attractive tooth replacement option, Dr. Harrell can provide a cutting-edge implant bridge that will restore the function of your entire mouth. Regardless of your needs, Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne is committed to providing you with a smile that will not only make you proud, but keep your mouth healthy for years to come. Call (704) 541-9888 or email Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne today to schedule a free, no-obligation smile consultation with Dr. Harrell. During your consultation a complimentary digital smile preview (an $85 value) will be created to show how you will look when your treatment is complete.

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