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Feed Your Smile to Keep It Healthy and Bright

The dentin that makes up the enamel on your teeth and the tissues that comprise your gums and your jawbones require minerals to maintain their strength and function. The foods and beverages we consume directly impact our oral health. To maintain a beautiful and healthy smile, incorporate good dietary options into your meal and snack times. The [...]

Top Tooth Tips For Avoiding Enamel Loss

Protecting every aspect of your teeth is necessary to maintain a healthy, beautiful smile. One important tooth component is enamel. This extremely hard covering protects your teeth from damage, so it is vital to the health of your smile. Unfortunately, some of your favorite foods and beverages can be harmful to your enamel. The following [...]

Valentine’s Sweets Can Sour Your Oral Health

Brushing, flossing and swishing need to be on everyone's daily "To Do" list and, thankfully, many fit in all three tasks every day. However, too many people do not. While practicing excellent oral hygiene is a top priority anytime, it is essential to be especially proactive around holidays when treats abound. Valentine's Day certainly fits the criteria, when consuming [...]

Resolution: Less Sugar, More Smile-Care in 2017

This time of year is famous for New Year's Resolutions. As the calendar turns over, getting a fresh start is on many of our minds. If having a healthier smile is one of your wishes for 2017, cutting out sugar is a great place to start. But easier said than done, right? Sugar is addictive and, basically, it's [...]

Protect Your Dazzling Smile With A Custom Mouthguard

Caring for your pearly whites requires more than simply brushing and flossing. You need regular check-ups and cleanings, and sometimes you need appliances like Invisalign clear braces. If you grind your teeth, particularly in your sleep, you will need to be fitted with a night guard. And if you participate in contact sports such as football, hockey, rugby [...]

Road closed – Alternative Entry

The Stonecrest side of our Business Park (Colony at Piper Glen) will be closed from August 1st - approximately Mid-November. We apologize for any inconvenience. Here is the alternative route: 1. The regular opening on Piper Station drive is blocked - drive down to the next street Spindletop Place and turn right. 2. Follow the [...]

Fruit Sugars: The Secret War On Your Teeth

How many times have you gone to your dental checkup expecting perfect results only to discover that early decay has been detected? Many patients are shocked to learn that a follow-up appointment for tooth-colored fillings looms in the near future. “But, I hardly eat any candy and never drink sugary soft drinks,” is a common response by bewildered [...]

Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne: Your Smile Care Team

When is the last time you had a comprehensive oral exam with X-rays? For many people, the first suspicion that they may have dental issues is based on pain. This often also means that the problem has reached a critical stage because it wasn't detected early. If it's been a while since you've had a thorough dental exam, you should [...]

Bright white teeth with ZOOM! treatment

Do you want your teeth to experience a color improvement from 4 to 7 shades lighter after a single treatment? Well, you're in luck because Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne can help you achieve the brilliant smile you want with a simple in-office ZOOM! teeth whitening appointment. Teeth Discoloration Your teeth can give you away if you [...]