Laser Dentistry Solutions from Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne

If fear of the dentist is keeping you from receiving care, Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne wants you to sit back and relax. Dr. Robert Harrell and our highly qualified team can ensure that your visit is a cinch with sedation dentistry. Plus, our cutting-edge tools and techniques will increase treatment time and decrease discomfort. For [...]

ZOOM! Into the Holiday Season with Whiter Teeth

Enjoy your holiday festivities with a brighter, healthier smile. Dr. Robert Harrell and the professional, caring team at Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne can easily and efficiently upgrade your smile with the ZOOM! Whitening procedure. Notice immediate results and simultaneously boost your self-confidence. Simple and effective, you will see a bolder smile that will leave you [...]

Healthy, Happy Halloween Smiles from Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne

Halloween is around the corner again and the stores are bursting with delicious, sugary displays. Dr. Robert Harrell and the dedicated team at Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne in Charlotte hope you will responsibly enjoy your treats this year. Don’t forget to pick up some extra expanding dental floss, mouthwash and even a new toothbrush if [...]

Dr. Robert Harrell Named a “Top Charlotte Dentist” for 11th Time

You could easily call Dr. Robert Harrell a permanent fixture on Charlotte magazine's annual list of the Queen City’s top dentists. He has appeared on it for 11 consecutive years, going back to the list’s inception in 2007. Dr. Harrell brings two decades of experience to his thriving dental practice, Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne. In [...]

Same-Day Crowns Are Standard at Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne

Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne in Charlotte, NC understands how empowering it is to have a radiant smile. Our team is committed to helping you enjoy the healthiest and most beautiful smile possible. Dr. Robert Harrell relies on the most advanced technology to obtain all of the information and materials needed to immediately get to [...]

The Facts About Aging and Good Dental Health

It is essential to have regular dental checkups at every phase of your life to maintain good health. That being said, it is especially important for older individuals to remain diligent about their oral health care. Many dental issues that disproportionately affect seniors are difficult to detect in the early stages. Dental professionals, however, can [...]

Saliva Production Is Vital for Your Healthy Smile

While many people consider saliva to be odious, dentists know firsthand how important it is for keeping your smile healthy. Mouth Healthy offers more info about the benefits of saliva: Saliva, or spit, plays a significant role in maintaining oral health. It is derived from blood and acts as the bloodstream of the mouth. What [...]

Consider These Dental Travel Tips On Your Summer Vacation

Summer is a popular time to travel, entertain and eat delicious foods and beverages. Whether you're camping in the wild or jet-setting to a 5-star resort, you shouldn't take a break from your oral health. Before departing for your getaway, visit Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne to ensure that your mouth is in tip-top vacation shape. [...]

Healthy Summer Treats That Won’t Hurt Your Smile

This scorching time of year can be a real nightmare for your smile. While it is tempting to enjoy ice cream, popsicles and slushies all day long to combat the heat, it's bad for your dental health to be under a constant barrage of sugary items. Thankfully, there are plenty of healthy and refreshing alternatives [...]

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